Snow Removal

When winter comes, blizzards and heavy snowfall can mean lots of damage to your roof, especially in an older home or building. If you have a roof that is not structurally sound of has a few weak spots, snow in the forecast can be quite a nerve wracking experience. Even roofs that are seemingly strong can give with too much weight if the snow if especially heavy. During this time of year, know who to call to prevent a cave-in from happening in your residence or office.

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We provide 24-hour emergency snow removal in the entire states of Connecticut Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Flat roofs are the most vulnerable during snowstorms, so if your building or house has this feature, you may want to prepare for a snow removal when the major storms hit. Even sloped roofs and newer roofs should be closely monitored during the winter months and knowing what to look out for will help you stay proactive as an owner:


  • If snow reaches 18 inches or more on a roof, call our office
  • 1 cubic foot of powdery snow weighs 6-8 pounds.
  • 1 cubic foot wet snow weighs 15-20 pounds
  • 1 cubic foot of ice weighs 50 pounds.

Knowing the kind of snow and/or ice you have accumulating on your roof and the current condition of your roof will help you figure out how much weight your roof can withstand and what’s currently on your roof. Never wait until you hear creaking or see physical signs of sagging to call your local roofer!


We have over 30 years of experience removing snow professionally and quickly so you can have peace of mind during the winter months. With our around-the-clock snow removal service you have access to our brilliant staff and all hours of the day or night to keep you safe.

Snowstorms can be very dangerous, but with Roofing Service of New England you never have to worry or lift a shovel! We’ll do the work for you, anytime, anyplace at a great price!

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