Ways Maintenance Can Save Money on Your Commercial Roof


Though subjected to harsh treatment from wind, rain, snow and sun, the roof over our heads can be easily overlooked — until there’s a problem. However, through regular commercial roofing maintenance, the worry can be mitigated and your substantial investment protected. Conducting twice-yearly checkups can keep your roof in great shape and ensure your warranty stays intact. Preventative maintenance can help the health of your roof in many ways.

1- Ensure Proper Sealing

The key to keeping water out is in making sure everything is sealed tight. There are many points of penetration where water may seep in, causing unseen damage that can wreak havoc with your roof structure. A trained professional can competently check to see that seals are intact around vents, A/C units, and at joints and seams.

2- Clear Gutters and Drains

Autumn leaves look great on the trees, but in your gutters they aren’t nearly so spectacular. They accumulate, causing water to overflow to the sidewalks below, or pool, leading to roof damage. One part of commercial roofing maintenance is ensuring gutters and drains are clear, and checking that gutter joints aren’t rusted or leaking.

3- Extend Life of Roof

A seal in time saves nine when it comes to roof maintenance. Professionals are able to spot small tears or leaks, saving money by quickly repairing them before the situation escalates. Small repairs to flashing, fasteners or simple recoating are much less expensive when caught before weather and water create more damage. While they are up on the roof, inspectors can assess the surface and determine how much life it has left. This estimate allows you to more accurately plan for future repairs and replacements rather than facing a roof-repair crisis, and possibly a monetary crisis as well.

Selecting a professional commercial roofing maintenance company to inspect your roof in the spring and fall can keep your investment protected and extend the life of your roof.