Why an EPDM Roof Is Popular for Businesses and Homes

Flat roofing materials vary in durability, cost, convenience and style. There are many options to choose from to give your home or business the protection and appearance you want. Why is EPDM such a great choice?

Cost Effective

One reason many business owners select EPDM is because it’s cheaper than other alternatives. Saving money doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, however. A professionally installed EPDM roof can still last decades and provide excellent results. It’s hard to beat this option for getting the best value for your money.


The low cost of EPDM also helps you finish remodeling projects on budget. If you’re already investing money to expand your business or remodel your home, you may not have a ton of capital available to invest in the most cutting-edge roofing materials. In that case, an EPDM roof is a solid option that keeps total costs down while still delivering great moisture resistance.


Installing EPDM isn’t usually complex. Maintenance and repairs are also relatively easy. If part of the roof is damaged, roofing professionals can simply cut out the damaged portion and replace it with several layers of new EPDM. Likewise, sealing tears or cracks only takes a short amount of time. All of these factors mean that you can expect lower installation costs and maintenance costs compared to time-intensive roofing such as built-up roofs.


While not quite a strong as tar roofs, EPDM provides significant resistance to hail, extreme winds and heavy rain. It can also stand up well to changes in heat and cold. An EPDM roof doesn’t offer as much resistance to extreme temperatures as TPO, but it still offers excellent adaptability.

As you can tell, an EPDM roof is like a jack of all trades. It may not be the best at any one thing, but if offers all-around protection that is a great value. Well maintained, it has your back for 20–30 years easily.