The Popularity of EPDM as a Rubber Roofing Material

For those who need a flat roof for their house or are thinking of transitioning to this style, EPDM roofing material is one of the most popular choices. While the material has been on the market for decades, an EPDM roof is still a top choice for residential and commercial buildings that have low sloping rooflines or roofs that are flat. The durability and cost of this material are what make it a leading material choice.

Durability for a Rubber Roofing Option

As a roofing option, EPDM is easy to install. It is manufactured on a large roll with factory-applied adhesive already on the back of it. Using a little bit force and slowly unrolling the material, EPDM roof material easily adheres to the roof and leaves a flawless, straight covering. The material is extremely flexible and it is able to withstand wear and tear from physical stressors as well as fluctuating weather conditions. Many EPDM applications use black or white shades of material, but it is possible to source other colors.

As the weather changes, roofing materials may shift or move as the materials expand or contract. This is especially true in slate shingles. However, EPDM is designed to shift and stretch up to three times its measured length. This keeps your building free from leaks or other weaknesses. It can easily be installed on pipes, gutters and skylights. An EPDM roof also withstands cracking from dryness or excessive moisture.

Benefits of the EPDM

The leading benefits of EPDM are what contribute to its popularity in a variety of structural settings.

  • The rubber membrane that forms the covering is highly flexible and able to last for up to 50 years.
  • EPDM is resistant to cold, aging, heat and ozone, giving you peace of mind that your structure is always protected.
  • Infrared light and ultraviolet rays won’t damage the EPDM covering, meaning you don’t need to spend additional money on supplementary protections.

For your roofing needs, consider choosing an EPDM roof. Contact Us on the benefits this roof will bring your structure